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Top 5 Best DLNA Apps To Use on Android in 2021

best dlna apps for android

Searching for Best DLNA Apps for Android? If yes then you are in the correct place. We use many apps for streaming media. Be it audio, video, or even photos. But what if we tell you that technology allows you to stream media over the other connected device within a home network. It sounds very and should be available with every media player, right? But then it wasn’t always like this. The technology we are talking about is DLNA or Digital Living Network Alliance.

If you have a DLAN-compatible TV installed in your home as well as a DLNA-enabled mobile device, you can stream media from your phone to the TV. Both the devices have to connect to the same network. Multiple apps help you to use the DLNA-feature. We have constructed a list of the 5 best DLNA apps on Android that you can use. Check out the list below.

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1. VLC for Android

VLC for Android
Best DLNA Apps

We all are familiar with VLC. Many of us have used to on our computers. A few years back, this free media player was released for Android devices. VLC has the power to play files of any extension making it one of the most popular and easily the best DLNA app. The user interface is easy and there are no hidden settings that you need to be worried about.

You can use this app to play or browse media from your local servers. However, you need to allow specific permission to let the app use your server. Moreover, you can try network stream as well as do voice search from this application. VLC has been present for many years. It has certainly gained the trust of many users. Try it now to know more.

2. Plex

Best DLNA Apps

Second, on our list of best DLNA apps on Android is Plex. Plex is a very popular multimedia streaming app presently. If you enable the DLNA feature integrated into the app, you can transfer media files to either your Android TV or tablet and watch your favourite programs. Moreover, Plex provides updated content for you. You can use the app to see movies, web series, podcasts, videos, and many more.

Plex offers 75+ free tv channels. So, you can also select your favourite channel and watch it on your mobile device. One of the most striking features is that if you choose to pause a media in one device, you can resume it at the same moment onto the other device. Try this best DLNA app to make your life easy playing content.

3. LocalCast

Best DLNA Apps

Next on our list is also a very popular app in the market. LocalCast has an abundance of features to talk about. Starting from Opensubtitles.org integration to having its customized in-built browser, you can cast over the network. LocalCast is easily one of the best DLNA apps you can use because of its simple and uncomplicated user interface.

Other than communicating over DLNA, the app is also capable of communicating over Samba, UPnP, Roku, Chromecast, Roku, and several others. The app lets you connect to your cloud storage spaces and play content from there. Overall, it is worth a try.

4. Kodi

Best DLNA Apps

Kodi is our next entry in the list of best DLNA apps. It is also a multi-communication-able streaming app. You can transform your mini-display mobile into a large-display TV by the grace of DLNA communication. Additionally, the app helps you to control media on your computer just by simple taps on your mobile device.

You can access YouTube, Tweakers, and several other platforms from Kodi. The app lets you access your storage devices so that you watch your photos, videos from there. There are multiple audio streaming platforms integrated into the system as well. Kodi will help you to make your watch party full of fun. Gather friends, try the app next time you are free.

5. MediaMonkey

Best DLNA Apps

The last entry in our list of the best DLNA apps is MediaMonkey. Many of us are already familiar with the name. The app was designed to support mainly audio files. But as evolution works, the developers have allowed all types of content to be streamed from this app.

By installing this app, you can sync all your saved playlists from different apps. Having DLNA service allows you to share media between your TV, computer, and mobile device. Additionally, you can store media from your network devices as well.

Start Sharing Your Media

DLNA is undoubtedly a must-have feature in Android devices. Your device is not fully equipped if you left this feature out. Sony and Microsoft both scrapped the feature in their gaming consoles, PlayStation and Xbox. Later, after many requests from its users, both the company reinstated the service into the console. The apps in our list will surely make your life easy between shifting content from your mobile device to your home TV. There is no order of preference for these best DLNA apps. You can try any or all of them.

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