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Top 4 Best Football Manager Games in 2021

best football manager games

If you are someone who wants to get a taste of what managing an actual football match feels like, this is just the right article for you. While FIFA and PES had been two of the most dominant names, there are other niches that have gained popularity. Here we are with the best football manager games.

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Top Football Manager Apps to Try 

1. Football Manager

Football Manager

Football Manager is one of the best simulation football manager games. This game certainly is very exciting that sets the trend for others to follow and also the best and widely available football manager game on several platforms. This game is developed by Sega, it delivers a realistic feel and experience by playing this game.

This game features very modes and options such as training your players to your specific requirement, scouting unheard-of talents from across the world, develop stadium and staff support, setting up pre-match tactics and formation, while also tracking the game and making in-game tactical changes to swing the flows of the match in one’s favor. This football manager app has more than 118 playable leagues from 53 countries. 

2. PES Club Manager

PES Club Manager

This is relatively new to the line in the football manager simulations apps. This app is developed by KONAMI. This series of PES games have shifted their focus to mobile gaming also. This game is very unique and tactical that will test your managerial skill as well as your tactical skill like no other app. This app also lets you join over 40 million managers around the globe to test your managerial skills. 

This app features real-time tactics and formation changes, commentary on the simulation games, the ability to scout players and train them, set up training sessions, and the ability to experience the game in industry standards 3D graphics. you can select and train 5000 available players as well as the legendry player such as Ronaldinho, Zico and more.

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3. Top Eleven Football Manager

Top Eleven Football Manager

This game is developed by Nordeus and a veteran in football manager games. This is an impressive game that has quite an impact on its users. This game is specially designed for smartphones and tablets. This game features exciting modes and options such as setting us training to improve team and players performance as well as scout players, set up training matches, and more. 

Users can enjoy the game in the spectator mode and can also change the mode to real-time coach for some serious game-changing decisions. More than 3 million users are playing Top Eleven Football manager and the game also has an online transfer mode, where users can compete with each other to sign their preferred players for the best price. 

4. Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager

This is also the best football manager app. This app lets its users choose any club of their liking from the 800 available clubs from 33 countries. Users can manage any of these clubs and help them rise to the top using their tactical knowledge and managerial skills.

This game features, training players, transfer, can upgrade facilities around the stadium, watch the game simulation in 3D, and much more. Your performance as a manager is being monitored and users get offers from the bigger clubs. 

Help Your Team Attain Greater Heights 

This was our well-searched article on the best Football manager app. Hope you found this interesting. If you have some other app in mind, let us know in the comment section. 

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