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Top 6 Best Infrared Thermal Camera Apps


Certainly, the idea of clicking thermal images right from your smartphone’s camera can get intimidating at times. That being said, while the camera might not be capable enough, the same results can be achieved using software manipulation. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best infrared thermal camera apps you can try on your smartphone. 

Best Infrared Thermal Camera Apps to Try

1. Thermal Camera Fx

Thermal Camera Fx

This is one of the best thermal camera apps. This app gives users to save photos, shoot videos, and use filters as well. Users can change the effect at the time of recording the video. 

This app is the best thermal camera app of 2020. This app doesn’t detect the infra-red but gives the shade effect. This app features real-time development for image and video, flash with a front camera, hardware camera button, and many more. This app is free for users. Anyone can download this app from the play store and enjoy it.

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2. Seek Thermal Android

Seek Thermal Android

The best way to experience the thermal visual and effect is the Seek Thermal app. Users can use this app at any location whether it’s outside or inside. Apart from thermal imaging, this will also let you inspect, measure, and visualize thermal energy.

This app is one of the best Thermal camera apps you can get your hands on, and this app is free to use. Users can download this app from the play store.

3. Thermal Night Vision

Thermal Night Vision

This is one of the best apps that transform your ordinary camera into a thermal device simulation. This app features video stream from the camera in real-time and generates views that are pretty similar to the vision from a real hardware thermal camera.

This app uses a high algorithm in pixel luminance, which detects the method for color gradient mapping. The app is very popular among Android users as well iOS users. It is free to download and available on the play store.

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4. Thermal Scanner Camera VR

Thermal Scanner Camera VR

This app has all the similar features to any other thermal camera app. It will show the camera preview of your device after applying a color gradient to the intensity of the color received by the camera. The users can adjust the application. 

It has many features like VR or virtual reality, good camera controls like zoom, multiple color gradients, full portrait, and many more. This is one of the best thermal cameras for Android devices. This app is also available on the play store and is free to download.

5. Thermal Night Vision Camera Effect Simulated

Thermal Night Vision Camera Effect Simulated

This app simulates a thermal vision by the image procession color filter on every camera frame and outline, this app has features like pushing the thermal night vision device button to switch to thermal vision. This is the best thermal camera Android 2020. 

This app will be improved with the recording video as well as photo functionality to give good benefits. As for the best part, the app is free of cost and users can download it from the Play Store.

6. FLIR One 


For One is by far one of the best thermal camera apps for Android. This app affects the efficiency of the heat vision Goggles. This app seeks to use the phone’s camera as well as gives better image quality. This app consists of the luminance boosting algorithm to boost the brightness of the image. 

The features of this app include a live camera view, flashlight, adjustable brightness, light sensitivity, high-resolution photos, and the option to share on social media directly. All of these features make this app better than any other app on this list. This is a free app. Users can download it from the play store and enjoy it as they pleased.

A View Like Never Before 

This was our handpicked article on the best Infrared Thermal Camera app, hope you found this article interesting. If you have some other apps in your mind, mention us in the comment section. 

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