Here we are with the best Live Weather wallpaper apps for Android. The thought of using live weather wallpaper apps must have crossed at least once on your mind. But, is there really something resembling the same? In fact, there are apps that can help you to get the most out of your wallpaper while saving you the trouble of leaving the house as well.

The idea is pretty simple. You have got yourself with an application that simulates landscapes with real-time weather data. So, in this article, we have curated a list of the top 4 best live weather wallpaper apps that can seamlessly change wallpaper based on the weather outside.

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Prior to Making Your Choice

Bear in mind that all the applications mentioned within the list have some of the highest ratings in the Google Play Store. While some of them might come with advertisements, but they don’t really hamper the overall experience. Certainly, there are also options to upgrade for pro versions as well. And the best part, these applications don’t really take up much space whatsoever. 

Best 4 Live Weather Wallpaper Apps to Try 

1. Paperland Live Wallpaper

Paperland Live Wallpaper

The first on our list is Paperland Live Wallpaper. You can actually get this application for both free as well as pro versions. Powered by AccuWeather, you can rest assured to get accurate weather reports whatsoever. From a plethora of themes to choose from, you are never going to get bored of this application any time soon. The ‘Randomize’ option helps you to explore various themes at the same time. For the most optimum experience, our recommendation would be to pair the wallpaper app with any weather app widget. 

2. Weather Wallpaper HD

Weather Wallpaper HD

If you want a prettier home screen for your smartphone, you should definitely Weather Wallpaper HD a try. This goes without saying, the app has done a tremendous job of perfectly blending the weather data with the wallpaper. And the windmills within the apps do a perfect job of representing the real-time weather.

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3. Animated 3D Wallpaper

Animated 3D Wallpaper

The Animated 3D Wallpaper is by far one of the most advanced wallpaper apps you can find out there in the Play Store. Not only do you have the opportunity of choosing between various themes, but it also comes with a ton of realistic designs. There’s also the option for a transition from day and right, which gives you more of a reason to use this application. Using the pro version you can even customize the weather output directly on the wallpaper. Neither less to say, if you are using your tablet, the app also provides you with great landscape compatibility. 

4. Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper just as the name suggests offers aesthetically pleasing green visuals, that seamlessly adjust with the time of the day as well as the weather. While the data are fetched from the Open Weather database, you can always rely upon its accuracy. Neither less to say, at the same time the wallpaper gets modified based on the outside climate. There are a ton of customization options to choose from as well. Whether you want to add elements like trees, mountains, or hills, Forest Live Wallpaper has got you covered. 

The Bottom Line 

So, that was our curated list of some of the best live wallpaper apps you can use for your android smartphone. Not only do these applications look amazing, but at the same time, they also provide you with a rough idea about the outside weather. So, let us know in the comment section below, which one you are most expected to try out? 

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