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Top 6 Best Online Chat Games (Social Game with Chat Rooms)

Best Online Chat Games

There are a lot of options if you want to kill time, whether it be gossiping or stalking people on Instagram. That’s not new, everyone does that. But there’s nothing more enjoyable than playing online games while you have nothing to do at home. So here we come with the Best Online Chat Games to Try It would be great if you choose online games and chat rooms.

It’s relatively easy to make friends on online chat games. Once you get a hang of it, then it can become quite addictive. You’ll find a ton of amazing online chat games ‌you might love and some you would end up hating. So, we have compiled a list of the top six online chat games.

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Best Online Chat Games to Play When Bored

1. The IMVU


Want to meet exciting people? Then consider using the IMVU. It’s fun and easy to make friends here. First, you need to choose an avatar for yourself, then you can proceed with talking to strangers. This 3D avatar social app has inviting homepage graphics along with great animations. Once you get used to it. Believe us. You are going to love it. The app is both available for Android and iOS users. It has over 4 million monthly users. So, finding friends won’t be an issue. Join in and make new friends. You can develop connections with people having common interests. So, what are you waiting for? Download it today.

2. The 5 Street

The 5 Street

Another free, great online chat game. If you’re someone who passionately loves dancing and trending styles, then 5 street would be a perfect choice. All you have to do is create your own character, customize it, and battle with other players. There are up to 30 dance halls, so get there and fight to the finish. The online chat game is quite popular amongst millennials. Whether it be dancing with someone special alone or with groups of friends, 5 street is where you should be. A compulsive 5 Street addiction doesn’t come out of anywhere. Even if your friends are playing the game, you can easily catch up to them.

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3. Roblox


You must have heard of Roblox. It has been around for quite a while. It’s surprisingly addictive. Roblox is one of the top online chat games for youths. The app is compatible with most devices, including iPhone, Windows, iPad, Amazon devices along with Xbox. You can either play games, role play, or create fresh adventures, it’s your choice. Simply sit back and immerse yourself in the world of gaming and meet friends who think alike. Opening up and sharing personal information is, of course, the way to a meaningful friendship, but we advise you not to share any personal information with strangers.

4. Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart is a great game, to begin with. This online game cum social chat room has been steadily gaining popularity in the west. You can either play the game solo or play it with someone special. The best thing about Lucent Heart is that it has its integrated Cupid matching service, which would help users to find their perfect match. Looking forward to a relationship, then there’s no better place than Lucent Heart. There are a lot of things to be explored in this game. With time, you can build your own war machines, get pets and marry as well.

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5. Habbo


Habbo is an online game community that caters to the needs of youths. You must have heard about it from your friends. It was popular back in the 2000s, but it is still around. Over the years, the user base of this game has significantly increased. You can meet people from all over the globe and befriend them. Create your preferred avatars, customize them and chat with people. We don’t recommend the game to children. You should be at least 18+ to get into this online game community and make sure you don’t share your personal information with strangers.

6. Lady Popular

Lady Popular

As the name suggests, the game is exclusively for ladies. First, you need to customize your character, and you’re all ready to set out in the world of glamour. The game is absolutely free and highly addictive. You’re allowed to change everything, starting from your home to what to wear. Live the fairy tale life in Lady Popular. Choose the pet you want, customize their looks as per your preference. Get the matching outfits for your small babies. Ladies, live your perfect life in Lady Popular and make friends on the way.

Make Friends Online

It won’t be hard for introverts to make connections in the virtual world. But make sure you don’t share or reveal any of your personal information to strangers on online chat games. Hope this article was helpful. Tell us about your favorite chat games in the comment section.

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