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Top 5 Best Restaurant Simulation Games to Play in 2021

best restaurant simulation games

We have tried and tested several titles and put together a list of games that qualifies as the best restaurant simulation games to play on Android.

Restaurant simulation games are easily one of the most relaxing games you will find on Android. Some titles are just easy business. You just cook and serve your customers whereas some have complicated gameplay. One thing is certain that you are destined to get fun playing them. You will observe that the game mechanics are not limited to only cooking. There are hardly any good games that will test your cooking skill.

Nonetheless, these games are a mixture of arcades, strategy, and puzzles. There are tons of the best restaurant simulation games available on the Google Play Store for you to try. But finding the best of them might be hectic for you. Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

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The list contains five titles not in order. There are one of a kind. You can try all of them and see which one impresses you the most. Below is the list of games.

1. Food Street

Food Street

Food Street is our first entry in the list of the best restaurant simulation games. The game mechanics are very complex yet fun. Your several real-life skills are set to be tested if you decide to play this one. One of the major changes this game has done is they have left out the irritating timing clocks. That way you have plenty of time to take of your customers, cook food as well as farm your crops. Yes! You read it right. Another added feature of the game is that you have to produce your crops and spices to cook in your restaurant. So, you’ll have to manage both at the same time.

Moreover, as you level up and the number of visiting customers increase, you’ll need to buy new lands to cultivate crops. The game graphics are eye-soothing. Every detail you find in the game has been made with utmost care and to go with the theme. You’ll have plenty of items to decorate your restaurant on different occasions. That’s not all. You can even adopt a pet and build shelters for them. Having a cute pet will attract more customers to your restaurant and consequently will earn you more revenue. You can go online and show off your cooking skills, share recipes in online virtual cooking clubs. Available for free, you must this title.

2. Restaurant Paradise: Sim Game

Restaurant Paradise: Sim Game

Have you played Sim City? Liked it? Then rest assured, you will defiantly like Restaurant Paradise: Sim Game Build upon the popular city building game, Sim City, Restaurant Paradise is surely a top bet in the best restaurant simulation games on Android. You will contrast a resultant in an island. There you need to cook and serve high-quality international cuisines from all over the globe.

To cook these delicious dishes, you will have to invest in top-quality ingredients. Slowly you will attract customers and earn money. As you progress through the game, you will find there are a variety of options to explore. You can run food fairs, join fever sales, and complete various orders to earn several rewards. You can try online mode, play along with your friends. Install it now, it’s free.

3. Burger Shop

Burger Shop

Our next entry in the list of the best restaurant simulation game is Burger Shop. A simple yet fun title that will require being proactive all the time. Although, there is a relaxed mode in the game without any time challenges. It features 80 story modes which are extremely fun to play without worrying about the ticking clock. There are a total of 160 levels and 8 restaurants to run in the game. Moreover, you’ll spend most of your time cooking 60 different food items and take up the various challenges to earn rewards.

4. Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook

Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook

This game makes our list because you can cook in this game using your fingers. Cut onions, sauté them by moving your fingers. However, you need to produce the ingredients you are going to use for cooking. That’s what makes the game interesting and a part of the list of the best restaurant simulation games. Additionally, you can play daily and weekly challenges, events to earn rewards. It is a must-try for all aspiring cooks.

5. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Simple and fun. Those are the two words to describe this title. A simple and attractive entry in the best restaurant simulation games, Good Pizza, Great Pizza is built focusing on regular restaurants. Customers place orders, you take the order, cook it, and deliver it. The mechanics are stress-free. If you are someone who is looking for simple and fun restaurant simulation games then this one is for you.

Put Your Cooking Skills at Test

There you have it. These are the best restaurant simulation games for you to try. Each has unique features and caters almost all kinds of gamers. Install and start running your restaurant

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