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Top 5 Best ROM for Seamless Gaming Experience in 2021

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Here we discuss the best ROM for gaming for you. Android devices have an abundance of features as well as pre-loaded applications. Although users don’t need these, the mobile brands include these in their mobile phones. These apps and settings don’t allow mobile users to use the full power of the device. If you have bought the device for gaming purposes, using a custom ROM will produce an excellent result. 

Android is an open-source platform. Its source codes are available to mobile manufacturers. They modify the Rom with their apps, ad settings, and a few paid applications and release the phone in the market. After providing support and update for a few years, the manufacturer opts out from any further support for the old device. That’s where custom ROMs can be helpful for you.

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What is a Custom ROM?

There is no debate about the fact that stock Android provided by Google is the best ROM that you can have on your mobile. However, not many companies bestow the stock experience. Most of them go for their modified version of the stock Android for generating more revenue. Adding bloatware, changing the setting, enabling display ads, etc., they strike multi-million dollar deals with ad companies.

Custom ROMs don’t have this extra bloatware and provide you with a seamless experience. You can use your phone memory to its full potential and other settings to your gaming benefit. Moreover, when the device update lifespan runs out, these custom ROMs will look after your device by providing regular firmware updates.

Here are some of the best ROM for gaming available for you to download:

1. Pixel Experience

Best Rom For Gaming

Among the best ROM for gaming available, Pixel Experience easily comes out on top. The custom made has mainly three reasons that have helped it reach the summit. The first reason is the support for a wide range of devices, like, MI, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, and Realme. 

The second reason is the stability it provides to your systems. Many developers have tried and tested this ROM before declaring it as the best one out there. And lastly, the third reason is that it provides a Google Pixel experience on your phone. You can access GCam, the latest version of Google Assistant, and much more. 

Moreover, a pool of dedicated developers always remains busy to improve your experience. If there is any bug or error in your OS, you get an update to fix that. Although, it is unlikely to occur.  

2. Lineage OS

Best Rom For Gaming

Many of us have heard the name of CyanogenMod. It was a popular ROM back in the days. But it was discontinued in 2016. Later, developers have made its custom ROM version to keep CyanogenMod alive, the Lineage OS. It has become one of the biggest names in the best ROM for the gaming scene.

You can play endless games without any hassle with this OS. As it is made upon Google’s AOSP code, the ROM provides excellent stability, customizability, and most importantly, security to its users. You can utilize your device’s sensor to its full potential while playing popular titles, like, PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, etc. Oh! And did we mention that it supports an enormous 190+ devices? 

3. Evolution X

Best Rom For Gaming

Evolution X is the next big name in the best ROM for gaming list. Developers of this exciting ROM have done a tremendous job by combing several code snippets to make the complete ROM package. However, it doesn’t compromise on stability or performance. 

The Evolution X custom ROM presents regular updates to your device and proved greater flexibility in customization. When you first run your device after installing the ROM, you get an android navigation system out-of-the-box. The developers keep enhancing and removing features to make your experience smoother.

4. Corvus OS

Best Rom For Gaming

What is the best ROM for gaming and particularly for PUBG, you ask? We will suggest Corvus OS. The custom ROM pieces together a line of kernels such as Hydra, Ryzen, etc., to give you a fantastic gaming experience. Moreover, it prevents your device from overheating despite long gaming hours.

Corvus OS is a game and feature-centric ROM. On top of that, you can customize almost everything in this custom ROM. 

5. Havoc OS

Best Rom For Gaming

Havoc OS gives you a real surprise after a few days of usage. Its non-stop customizability coupled with a plethora of features will impress you. You can control the status bar, change buttons, define light colour, and even change navigation panels that suit you the best.

This custom ROM takes us back to the days of Resurrection Remix OS. You can try as many heavy games as you want without worrying about your phone’s health.

Choose Your Pick

That sums up our list of best ROMs for gaming list. We hope you are well aware of the various options and their usability. So, flash the one that works best for you and you are always good to go.

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