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Top 7 Best Text SMS Blocker Apps for Android in 2021

best text sms blocker apps

In this article, we are gonna share the Best Text SMS Blocker Apps for Android.

This goes without saying, promotional SMS and calls can get tedious at times. While you can simply close your mailbox and shut down your computer, that is not the case for your smartphone. This, in turn, makes your Android smartphone the primary target device for companies with malicious intentions. 

That is why, we have curated this article, offering you a list of the best SMS blocker apps you can try on your Android smartphone. Just bear in mind, the majority of them are completely free to use, so choose the one that works best for you.

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Best SMS Blocker App for Your Android 

1. Calls Blacklist: Call Blocker

Calls Blacklist: Call Blocker
 Best SMS Blocker Apps

The Call Blacklist does exactly what its name suggests. It restricts calls and messages from any given number you add within your contact. Bear in mind, this apps works manually, so you need to blacklist the number by yourself. But, once the blacklist has been set, your device won’t even make any sound to disturb you whatsoever. This app works well in maintaining a separate black and white list. Further including, you can also set up a custom locking system, for example only during the night. 

2. Root Call SMS Manager

Root Call SMS Manager
 Best SMS Blocker Apps

The Root Call SMS Manager is the perfect application for anyone using a dual SIM smartphone. One of the most unique features of this app is that you can actually create two different blacklists for each number. With their latest release, it can easily block spam SMS and MMS. Along with that, you can also set templates to block groups of messages. Root Call SMS Manager also comes with quick locking and unlocking feature for all your incoming calls. 

3. Postman: Spam Blocker

Postman: Spam Blocker
 Best SMS Blocker Apps

One of the biggest highlights of Postman Spam Blocker is that it seamlessly block all of your messages that don’t come from your contact list. That being said, you need to create the list all by yourself. Postman also comes it quite easy to set up your security based on your requirements. Their frequent updates make it quite easy to stay up-to-date with the latest spam alerts. Postman also offers an auto-removal of all the spam right after 45 days, without worrying about your storage getting full. 

4. Key Messages

Key Messages
 Best SMS Blocker Apps

Over the past few years, Key Messages has gained a lot of popularity over their seamless mechanism of blocking text messages. Whether you are getting spam or any other messages from an unknown number, Key Messages can get rid of the same. You can also regulate the entire process while ensuring a separate black and white list along with regular database updates. Overall, Key Messages is one of the best SMS blocker apps to use for your Android smartphone.

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5. Call Control: SMS/Call Blocker

Call Control: SMS/Call Blocker

Based on your personal blacklist, the Call/Control application can easily block all your text messages and calls. In fact, the app is most effective in protecting yourself from all those annoying telemarketer calls. That being said, the app comes with a very intuitive design and makes it very easy to use as well. On top of that, you can also personalize your blacklist, toggle the “Do Not Disturb” and you are good to go. 

6. AntiNuisance

 Best SMS Blocker Apps

Do you always feel annoyed with all the unwanted messages and calls from spammers and telemarketers? Well, Antinuisance has got you covered. All you need to do is add the number to the blacklist, and you won’t be able to hear anything from them ever again. There’s also a DND function that lets you stop receiving texts and calls for any given period of time. And, in case you logged out from the application, you can simply back up and restore your blacklist settings any time you want. 

7. Calls Blacklist: Call and SMS Blocker

Calls Blacklist: Call and SMS Blocker
 Best SMS Blocker Apps

The Call Blacklist is a free Android application that can be easily used to block unwanted calls and texts. It offers a plethora of functionalities including the ability to block phone numbers within your contact, restrict access to private numbers as well as block SMS. No more worrying about telemarketers, and advertising intruding on your privacy. The app also offers the flexibility to block all your contacts while attending any meeting whatsoever. Similarly, you can also block for a certain period of time within the application. In other words, Calls Blacklist can meet all of your call and SMS blocking needs.  

Block Annoying Calls and Messages 

Getting constant calls and messages from unknown numbers can destroy your peace of mind. While you can use the blacklist option on your smartphone, but it can only restrict to a certain degree and often works manually. That is why the only option to get rid of the same is to use a third-party application. 

So, let us know in the comment section below, which SMS blocker app would you prefer to use for your smartphone? 

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