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Top 5 Best Solitaire Games for Android

best solitare games for android

Looking for best Best Solitaire Games for Android? We’ve gathered them for you.

People love playing Solitaire because of easy to achieve rewards, and you can play with your friends as well. Getting bored at home? Play Solitaire to kill time. The game is quite popular amongst people as you can play it solo. Solitaire is still played, though being one of the classic games.

Even after years, as other games came in, people don’t get bored with playing Solitaire. Solitaire is easy to control and fun for players of all ages. Classic games have their own charm, which is missing in many modern games. You’ll find many Solitaire apps on Play Store, only a few of them are worth trying. Here are our top picks. 

Top 5 Solitaire Games for Android You Should Definitely Try

1. Solitaire (Ken Magic)

Solitaire (Ken Magic)

Solitaire (Ken Magic) is undoubtedly one of the best Solitaire apps out there. It is packed with so many features. This app is highly addictive. Once you play it, then you can hardly stop. Try out different variations of the game: Freecell, Spider, regular, and Forty Thieves. The best part about using this app is its simple interface. Any new player can play this game. Solitaire (Ken Magic) is highly recommended for people who want something in their free time. 

2. 250+ Solitaire Collection 

250+ Solitaire Collection 

Bored with classic solitaire games? 250+ Solitaire Collection would be the one you are looking for. It has over 250 varieties of Solitaire games. Try fun varieties of Solitaire games like Pyramid, Freecell, Scorpion, Klondike, and many other such types. Following the description, you can easily play the game. Download it from the browser and have unlimited fun. The 250+ Solitaire Collection is free, kids along with adults can enjoy the game. The game is a bit different from the other Solitaire games, so it’s definitely worth playing. 

3. Spider Solitaire 2020 by GITeamStudio

Spider Solitaire 2020 by GITeamStudio

Users love Spider Solitaire2020 by GITeamStudio because of two reasons. It has amazing features and a modern design. GITeamStudio has spiced up the classic game by adding significant features, simple controls and great graphics. Most importantly, the game is free. So, you can enjoy the game with a few ads. You just need to download the game, and you’re set for the day. If you’re a huge fan of Solitaire games, then you should definitely try Spider Solitaire2020 by GITeamStudio. 

4. Solitaire (Mobility Ware) 

Solitaire (Mobility Ware)

Another great Solitaire game for Amateurs. Recently started playing Solitaire Classics, then you better not miss out on Solitaire (Mobility Ware). It’s a simple game with advanced features. Don’t go for its design, the game is actually fast-paced. Plus, you don’t need a single penny to play the game. Users seem to enjoy the game, as the gameplay isn’t that difficult to master. Play it regularly and earn rewards on your winning. 

5. Age of Solitaire by Sticky Hands Inc.

Age of Solitaire by Sticky Hands Inc.

A great alternative to Solitaire classic. If you’re into Solitaire games, then you must have heard about an Age of Solitaire by Sticky Hands Inc. Craving for some simple yet intense Solitaire game, then consider downloading Age of Solitaire by Sticky Hands Inc. For a classic gameplay experience, we highly recommend this game to all Solitaire players. Age of Solitaire can be enjoyed by anyone.

Pick the Right Solitaire for Yourself

Instead of boring yourself in your free time, why not play Solitaire games. It’s fun, and you can play it alone, try variations. Do you like all the apps we mentioned on our list? If you think we have missed any of your favorite ones. List down your favorite Solitaire apps in the comment section below. Now play Solitaire all the time you want and soothe your mind. 

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