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Best & Quick Ways to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Error

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ways to fix wifi authentication error

Wi-Fi is perhaps the most widely used, popular tool in this age of the internet. Imagine you wake up one morning, turn on the Wi-Fi on your mobile device, and are waiting for the barrage of notifications that hang your device momentarily except, it doesn’t happen. You look up and find that your device isn’t connected to the Wi-Fi router. The biggest nightmare of anyone is to go through the day without Wi-Fi or the internet.

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Here’s what you can do in such a case to avoid the nightmare.

The obvious

Try switching off the Wi-Fi on your device or the router or both. Do this for a couple of times and see if your device connects.

Enable airplane mode 

The airplane mode blocks all the radio frequency signal transmission of your phone. This is useful as sometimes your device’s mobile network interferes while connecting to a wireless network. Turn on airplane mode and try connecting to the Wi-Fi network by turning on the Wi-Fi on your device without disabling the airplane mode.

Too many connected devices 

Few routers are able to support a certain number of devices. Access the Wi-Fi router settings and see the maximum number of devices that can be connected to the wireless network. Change the number of devices and save the settings. Or disconnect the devices which are not currently in use.

Reset the Wi-Fi network 

If the above method doesn’t work, you might be able to get back online by forgetting your network and then manually reconnecting to it. You should know the password for your Wi-Fi network before you begin. 

  1. Open settings in your device.
  2. Click on Wi-Fi settings.
  3.  Tap and hold the Wi-Fi network you are trying to connect to, then choose “Forget this network.”
  4. A few seconds later, the network will be visible in the list of available networks. Select it and enter the password and click on connect.

Refresh your network settings 

In case the previous options have failed, you need to reset your network settings. This includes your Bluetooth, mobile network and wireless network. 

To do this,

  1. Open settings of your device 
  2. Go to Backup and reset 
  3. Click on Network reset and select Reset Settings.

This process doesn’t take long and when it’s complete, try to log onto the concerned wireless network. 

Update your OS 

 Often when you don’t update the Operating System to the latest version, the chances are that many of the bugs will not be solved. This might lead to various issues including wireless network authentication error.

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Near the bottom, select System > Advanced > System update.
  3. “Android version” and “Security patch level” of your device can be seen here.
  4. Download and install any new updates available.

Change Wireless Network Configuration

An IP conflict can cause your connection to drop, irrespective of the wireless router you use. This might be what is giving you authentication error. Rectify this problem by toggling the setting from DHCP, the default setting, to Static IP.

  1. In the settings menu, select Wi-Fi settings
  2. Long press the Wi-Fi name and chose Modify Network
  3. Open Advanced Settings and then look for IP settings. Now, change the network to Static  from DHCP. 
  4.  Note down the IP address you see below and save the information that is in the static IP address field and then delete it.
  5. After a couple of seconds, re-enter the IP address and then save it.

Check Network Security type

Sometimes the network security type can be the reason for the issue. If you know the username and password of your wireless router, you may easily change the network security type. Change WPA security protocol to WPA2 and vice versa.

  1. Open your router’s configuration page by entering your router’s IP address into the address bar in your internet browser. 

The default IP address is or –  in most cases or you can find this in your router’s user manual.

  1. Type in the admin username and password for the router and login.
  2. Scroll down to Wireless section in the settings menu 
  3. Select the proper encryption method from the list, in this case WPA2, and click on Apply.

Note: It is recommended to get help from an IT expert if it is your first time changing the settings in your router.

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