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How to Download JW Player Videos (Chrome & Firefox)


Previously, web pages tend to look dull with minimal images. At present, videos are almost ubiquitous on all web pages. Starting from the e-commerce website to portfolio websites, videos are a must. As the consumer, we want to save these embedded videos to share with other people, or we just want to watch them offline. How do you download these videos? Don’t stress out. In this article, we would offer you a step-by-step guide to download these videos in a jiffy.

What Is a JW Player?

To put it simply, JW Player is video player software that helps businesses and organizations to embed videos into the desired platform. You’ll find several websites using JW Player. This video player software has been there for ages. We can rightfully consider it the most powerful and flexible video player software.

How to Download JW Player Videos?

Since there are no options to download JW Player videos, you might seek ways to do it. Downloading the JW Player videos is not as easy as downloading other videos. But it’s not impossible. By following a few steps, you could do it.  

It’s because of the copyright restrictions, users aren’t able to download the videos. But with the help of third-party applications, you can download JW Player Videos. Here’s how? There are a couple of workarounds that can be used. 

Method 1: Open View Page Info on Firefox

For starters, these two methods are quite easy. 

  • Step 1. Firstly, open Firefox and go to the web page from where you wish to download the video. 
  • Step 2. Secondly, right-click on the web page. 
  • Step 3. Now, from the pop-down menu, tap on “View Page Info”. A dialogue box would appear on the screen. 
  • Step 4. After that, go to “Media”. 
  • Step 5. Scroll down and choose the video file from the options available. (Note: In the “Type” column, you can choose your preferred “Video” format).
  • Step 6. At last, when you select the video file. Click on the “Save As” option on the dialogue box. The video would get downloaded.  

Method 2: Select Inspect Element on Google Chrome 

If you prefer using Google Chrome over Mozilla Firefox. Then these are the steps you need to follow. Both ‌methods are comparatively easy. 

  • Step 1. Like in the first method, go to Google Chrome and go to the web page from where you wish to download the video. 
  • Step 2. Then, right-click on the web page. 
  • Step 3. Choose “Inspect Element” from the pop-down menu. A box would appear on the right side of the screen. 
  • Step 4. Next, go to “Network” and click on “Media”. 
  • Step 5. Play the video for a while so that it shows up on the video list. 
  • Step 6. From the given options, choose your desired video file and right-click on that video link. 
  • Step 7. Now, from the pop-down menu, click on “Open in new tab”. 
  • Step 8. It will redirect you to the new page and the video will start downloading. 

Method 3: Use Internet Download Manager

If you follow the above steps, then downloading JW Player Videos becomes easier than ever before. There’s one more method you can try, using a download manager or IDM. Here’s how to do it. 

  • 1. First go to https://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/download.html.
  • 2. Secondly, click on the “Try Internet Download Manager for free” button. 
  • 3. After the download is complete, click on the file to launch it. 
  • 4. When the installation is complete, click on “Internet Download Manager” from the start menu. 

Once everything is done, you can move on to the steps of downloading JW Player videos. 

  • Step 1. Like before, go to the web page from where you are about to download the video. 
  • Step 2: You would see a notification “Download this video” on the top right corner of the chosen video. 
  • Step 3: Click on that and look for the video file. 

The video would be downloaded. 

Wrapping Up

Well, downloading JW Player Videos isn’t that difficult as it seems. Even if you’re not proficient in using technology, you could easily download it with minimum effort. Neither less to say, now there is nothing stopping you from taking your favorite video offline.

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