Samsung Develops Samsung Gauss, a Generative AI Model

By Tapan Barman 1 Min Read

Samsung has announced a significant advancement in generative AI with the introduction of the Samsung Gauss model. Comprised of three key components—Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image—this AI model has various applications.

  1. Samsung Gauss Language: This component is designed to enhance work efficiency by assisting with tasks like email composition, document summarization, and content translation. It can also contribute to smarter device control for an improved consumer experience.
  2. Samsung Gauss Code: Focused on software development, this component, known as code.i, helps developers code more efficiently. It offers an interactive interface, code descriptions, and test case development features.
  3. Samsung Gauss Image: This generative picture model simplifies image generation and editing tasks, including style adjustments, additions, and the conversion of low-resolution images to high-resolution formats.

While currently used for staff productivity, Samsung Gauss is expected to expand its applications to various Samsung products in the future, creating new user experiences. Samsung’s ongoing commitment to generative AI research and collaboration was emphasized during the Samsung AI Forum 2023.

This breakthrough in generative AI showcases the company’s dedication to technological innovation and its potential to enhance user experiences across a range of applications.

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