Google Expands Chromebook Plus Features to Existing Chromebooks with ChromeOS 118

By Tapan Barman 4 Min Read

In a significant move by Google, the tech giant has expanded its Chromebook Plus initiative to encompass not only new Chromebooks but also existing devices. The announcement comes almost three weeks after Google unveiled its latest Chromebook offerings and a host of exciting new features for ChromeOS.

There were initial concerns that the enhanced features, originally thought to be exclusive to the new Chromebooks, would leave existing users behind. This potential division in the ChromeOS ecosystem was met with apprehension, especially considering the broad compatibility of these features with a wide range of Chromebooks.

However, Google has put these concerns to rest by making several of these sought-after Chromebook Plus features available in the beta release of ChromeOS 118, which has now reached the Stable Channel.

As part of the official announcement, Google provided a comprehensive list of previously-released Chromebooks set to receive these new features. The list encompasses a total of 25 non-Chromebook Plus-branded devices, which includes popular models like the HP Dragonfly Pro, Acer Chromebook 516 GE, and many more.

With the rollout of ChromeOS 118, users can look forward to a slew of enhancements. These include the ability to use the Magic Eraser feature within Google Photos, a feature that’s been long-awaited by Chromebook enthusiasts. Additionally, users can now work offline without concerns about data synchronization to the cloud, further enhancing the Chromebook’s utility.

The launch of these features coincided with Adobe’s long-awaited release of the web client of Photoshop, coupled with a strategic partnership with Google. This opens new creative possibilities for Chromebook users, particularly those who engage in design and multimedia tasks.

As an added bonus, purchasers of the new Chromebook Plus models will receive a complimentary three-month subscription to Photoshop on the Web and Adobe Express. However, it’s worth noting that these promotions may not be available for users with “older” hardware.

Here’s what you need to know about this latest development:

1. Expanded Features: ChromeOS 118 introduces several enhancements and features that were initially thought to be exclusive to Google’s new Chromebook Plus models. These features include the much-anticipated ability to use Magic Eraser within Google Photos and the convenience of working on files offline, further increasing the Chromebook’s versatility.

2. Compatibility: Google’s commitment to ensuring that these new features reach a broad audience is evident in its compatibility list. A total of 25 different Chromebooks, including a variety of models, are now supported. This means that users with various Chromebook devices can take full advantage of the ChromeOS 118 update.

3. Enhanced User Experience: With the rollout of these features, users can enjoy a more efficient and productive experience with their Chromebooks. Magic Eraser in Google Photos provides a powerful tool for editing and enhancing photos, while offline file access ensures that work can continue even without an internet connection.

4. Inclusivity: Google’s decision to include a wide range of Chromebook models in the ChromeOS 118 update showcases the company’s commitment to inclusivity. Users with different Chromebooks, whether they own the latest models or more established ones, can now enjoy these sought-after features.

For Chromebook users eager to take advantage of these exciting updates, the process is straightforward. Simply navigate to the Settings app and initiate the update to ChromeOS 118, bringing a host of innovative features and capabilities to your Chromebook experience. Google’s commitment to ensuring these features reach a wide range of devices underscores the company’s dedication to its user base and the ever-evolving world of ChromeOS.

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