What to Expect from the Google Pixel Watch 3: Price, Rumors, and Wishlist

By Tapan Barman 4 Min Read

The Google Pixel Watch has been a long-awaited addition to the tech world, and with the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2’s success, anticipation for the Pixel Watch 3 is building. While it’s still early to make concrete predictions, let’s take a closer look at what the future might hold for Google’s upcoming smartwatch.

Price and Availability: The original Pixel Watch and its successor, the Pixel Watch 2, were identically priced, with the non-LTE version at $349 and the LTE variant at $399. It’s unlikely we’ll see a significant change in pricing for the Pixel Watch 3, unless Google decides to introduce a larger model, which might come at a slightly higher cost, potentially around the $399 mark for the WiFi-only model.

Rumors and Specs: With the Pixel Watch 2 released in October 2023, there haven’t been many rumors regarding the Pixel Watch 3’s features. The likely scenario is that Google will stick to the same round design, maintaining the continuity that users appreciate. The watch will probably continue to be available in the three familiar colorways: Champagne Gold, Matte Black, and Polished Silver. A significant question is whether Google will continue to use the Snapdragon W5 SoC from Qualcomm or opt for an in-house chip, given their partnership to develop a custom Wear OS platform. However, all of this is speculative at this stage, as we’re at least a year away from any official announcement.

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Wishlist for the Pixel Watch 3: While the Pixel Watch 2 was a commendable addition to the smartwatch landscape, there’s always room for improvement. Here’s a wishlist of features that enthusiasts hope to see in the Pixel Watch 3:

  1. Another Size: Many users have been longing for a larger-sized Pixel Watch, as the 41mm case may not suit those with larger wrists. Offering a more extensive size option or revising the band connector design for better compatibility with third-party bands could be a welcome change.
  2. Smaller Bezels: The bezels on the Pixel Watch are considered too large by some, especially when using custom watch faces. A reduction in bezel size could enhance the overall aesthetic.
  3. Charging Consistency: Google should pick a charging method and stick with it. Shifting between different methods can be confusing and inconvenient for users. A commitment to a specific charging method will enhance the user experience.
  4. Extended Battery Life: While the Pixel Watch 2 improved battery life, pushing the boundaries even further is desirable. This could be achieved through a more power-efficient system-on-chip (SoC) or a larger battery, although the latter may necessitate a redesigned case or a larger-sized model.
  5. Include Fitbit Premium: Users have expressed frustration with the pricing structure and additional payments for Fitbit Premium features. Including a full 12 months of Fitbit Premium with every Pixel Watch purchase would enhance the overall value and user experience.

The future of the Google Pixel Watch 3 is ripe with possibilities, and while many aspects remain speculative, enthusiasts can hope for improvements in size options, bezel design, charging methods, battery life, and bundled features. As Google continues to refine its smartwatch lineup, we eagerly await the official unveiling of the Pixel Watch 3, which may bring exciting changes to the world of wearables.

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