Is That Picture Real? Google’s New Tool Can Tell You

By Tapan Barman 3 Min Read

Google has just launched a cool tool called ‘About this image’ for people using Google Search in English. This tool helps you find out if the pictures you see online are real and if they’re being used in the right way. It gives you important details, like:

  1. Image History: You can find out when the picture first showed up on Google Search and if it was used on other websites before. This helps make sure old pictures aren’t presented as new ones.
  2. How Others Use and Describe the Image: You can see how the picture is used on different websites and what news and fact-checking sources say about it. This helps you understand the picture’s story from various angles.
  3. Image Metadata: When available, you can see information that the people who made the image added. This can include things like AI-generated improvements, and Google clearly says if the image is made by AI.
About this image Tool availability

You can use this tool by clicking on the three dots next to an image in Google Images results or by selecting “more about this page” in the “About this result” tool in search results.

Fact Check Explorer for Journalists and Fact Checkers

Google also made something called ‘Fact Check Explorer’ to help journalists and fact-checkers. It uses a special system to find fact checks from different organizations all around the world. You can check if an image has been used in a fact check. This helps you understand where the image comes from and how people have talked about it.

Fact Check Explorer for Journalists

Integration with Fact-Checking Solutions

Google has a special search tool for fact-checkers. This tool helps them quickly find pictures and information for fact-checking. It makes the fact-checking process smoother.

Search Generative Experience for Source Information

Google is using smart computer programs to give you descriptions of websites, especially the ones that aren’t well-known. If you choose to use this feature, you’ll see descriptions and links to trustworthy websites talking about the source. You can find this info in the “more about this page” section.

In a study from 2023, most people said they’re not very sure about whether the pictures they see online are real or not. This new tool from Google is here to help with that.

When and How to Use the ‘About this image’ Tool

It’s now available for everyone using Google Search in English. Google plans to make it available in more languages in the future. So, if you want to know more about an image, look for the ‘About this image’ tool when you search for pictures. It’s there to help you find the truth behind the images you see online.

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